The Chair of the GOTO Aarhus Program Committee's 3 Favorites!

Recorded at GOTO 2012

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hello my name is aina Cory I am part of
the program committee for Google's 2012
my name is Kristen Thorpe I'm also part
of the program committee part of the
team putting together the program and
we're here to just talk about some of
our favorite things of the conference
program yeah we could go on and on about
the conference program but it will end
early to tell you about a few highlights
from the program so I'll stop one of the
things that I'm looking very much
forward to this year is Linda rising
she's one of our speakers he's often
being at our conferences she's a great
speaker and she's also very interesting
in the sense that she's giving a very
also Canole talk she's talking about
neuroscience and psychology and the way
people think and why the way cool think
affect the way that we make software
development and she's very interesting
she's reading all these books and then
she sort of sifting out the interesting
things for software the moment and
telling us about them she just turned 17
this year and she's decided to learn
everything from scratching him so that's
a very interesting goal I think I'd like
to highlight a drink a craft
he's from Netflix and he's been doing
really interesting things in terms of
how they do operation and Netflix they
run everything in the cloud and the
developers have enormous powers over how
to run its a run operations and it's
it's um quite different from what we're
used to having basically developers
build systems and further go over the
wall here at Netflix basically
developers run operations and I've seen
I've seen him speak a couple of times at
some of our other conferences and its
really enlightening at least refreshing
able to present that here and next thing
I'm going to talk about is Martin
Thompson who used to be a co-founder and
CTO illness where he did the disrupter
framework he's all into low latency high
jumpin currency and he's going to talk
about mechanical sympathy which is one
of his favorite subjects at the moment
that's being sympathetic to the hardware
and the computer instead of just working
on the subway without thinking about the
consequences for the hard way then also
it's a part of the trend that we see at
the conference this year we were
thinking more about hardware and likely
accelerate to the bacon strike instead
of just thinking about software and I'd
like to also highlight nd gross he's
he's one of my favorite speakers sighs
his lead engineer or something like that
at bat show who developing react
database but I really like the way that
he always presents this material and in
a very humble way in a very kind of
backwards away giving all the reasons
why you shouldn't use technology or all
of them all the considerations that I
usually put introducing something else
other options that can drive you forward
and it's really refreshing to have
somebody kind of genuinely wants people
to succeed by by choosing their product
for the right reason so um we have a lot
of good product presentations as part of
the program too and there's somebody to
learn from and the last one about this
Damian Wayne he's new speaking of
conference he's giving a keynote Monday
he's a bell Buffett but that's not why
I'm interested in hearing you I also I
heard him in the in December in in a
conference in Australia and actually saw
the same keynote twice I normally don't
see talked twice but it was so brilliant
it was talking about physics and
you know science together and how to
change the way time runs so that he
could show that if befalls a and C false
B then a must conclude C and that means
then that the time has gone backwards
and the result of the program is what
you get as an argument of the program it
was mind-bending we all had a headache
and it was brilliant and actually I mean
Conway is also on languages Trek last
year and go to here in aw who's we
actually skipped having a language spec
all together in favor of the topics but
I'm really happy that we have it back
there's always so many interesting
things to say about programming
languages and actually Damon Conway is
talking about Perl - and we have a
couple of interesting kind of odd angles
there is something it's really coming up
now is polyglot programming statement
ill cough is talking about experiences
with mixing many different programming
languages and projects experiences with
that there is some interesting kind of
offbeat languages like D this is kind of
a mix it's a scripted version of
something that looks like C and it has a
really interesting concurrency model
there is stuff on our the statistical
language which is for processing
statistical data and producing graphs
etc it's becoming quite popular and then
kind of at the end of the line we have
on a suspect who is talking about a new
project that we don't even know what it
is but it really is but it's got new
language project or new something in
ensuing development tools of some kind
so they'll be interesting to see so this
is Dom come yeah let's say for now we
wanted to say a whole lot more but we're