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hello my name is aina wanna corey and
i'm the program tip of go to Copenhagen
and go to old 2012 and i am here with
brandon routh can you say a little bit
about yourself I'm Brighton I'm work at
the phonegap project and adobe systems
okay thank you very much so the phone
get what's that because you were doing
applications for phones and that got you
started or was it well it wasn't me
specifically it all started at night
Toby software in Vancouver and we were
building mobile apps at time we were
cuz back in like 2007 that was the best
phone and then the iphone came on it has
like a ton of bricks and we were really
excited we're web developers and uh it
was obviously an excellent device for
that if you remember Steve Jobs also
said hey you're gonna build web apps and
we were like cool and then a year later
he released the sdk more like oh no this
is not what we wanted to do but a couple
of our guys Rob Brock went down to Adobe
and they knew they could instantiate a
web browser but they didn't know if they
could actually make that browser talk to
the native code and they've managed to
do it and so that was cool they came
back to the office and they showed it to
one of our other developers who just got
that new g one that brick that android
could do that so he built it for Android
and then one of our blackberry does
built blackberry and then all of a
sudden we were like wait a second this
thing's kind of cool yeah and other
people start to think so too yeah that's
really how it started with just a hack
mmm yeah that's house that's how much
good things stuff yeah for the heck and
then you see an idea yeah okay that's
what happened so what you going to do
after you don't forget uh she that's a
good question i don't know the point of
a project or one of our source stated
goals is first to cease to exist so we
try and see what we implement end up in
the standards process
eventually ends up in browsers browsers
aren't quite there yet so I guess after
phone gaps going I'll just be a web
developer again which is cool by me I'm
gonna be a heck and an idea maybe
already dark I think I'll say thank you